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spectralsand (vst)

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ATTENTION: spectralsand requires your daw to run in rosetta to work on a mac m1. don't buy this plugin unless you have it.


spectralsand is a spectral delay plugin built around a central array and the concept of signal printing. now, what exactly does that mean?

essentially, spectralsand can break down the frequency spectrum into hundreds of tiny bits and delay each one by a certain amount of time. this allows it to completely change the timbre of whatever it's fed; but it gets better, because the amounts of time are organized in a graph that can be manipulated by a whole host of sources! you can use basic shapes, white noise, custom waveforms, and even a separate audio input! this unlocks strange new ways to make lasery noises, beautiful soundscapes, wet swampy sounds, and whatever else you can imagine.


time: control how much the plugin delays each bin. this value can be offset between the left and right channels, making super wide delays.

feedback: feed the delays back into themselves creating strange, exponential echoes. (also comes equipped with a panic button so you don't burst your eardrums)

osc type: choose from a variety of shapes to print onto the array. you can also change the frequency of the oscillators and invert their shapes. the full version of the plugin comes with adraw-your-own custom oscillator function as well.

binsize: change how many pieces spectralsand breaks your input into (anywhere from 128-2048).

mix: blend the original input with the delayed output to find a perfect middle-ground.

sidechain mode (full version only): send spectralsand a sidechain input from another audio source (or maybe even from... itself?) to find unconventional combos of two sounds. (comes with a boost function to make the sidechain input more pronounced)

randomize (full version only): who doesn't love a good old-fashioned randomizer?

themes (full version only): spectralsand comes with the ability to load and make its' own themes in a matter of minutes. customize your copy of the plugin to fit your unique style! (also comes shipped with some of the best themes made by the spectralsand community)

closing notes

this plugin was the end result of roughly 2 years of on-and-off work, all while dealing with school and learning to program in a brand new language called puredata. if you decide to buy the full version, i appreciate you so much and i hope you enjoy it. all i ask is that you share it with everyone you think will be interested in it.

since the plugin was programmed in puredata, it's insides are pretty exposed, and anyone with a knowledge of the language can modify it. you can find the source code here.

i also want to give HUGE shoutouts to:

  • pierre guillot, who programmed the camomile vst host this plugin runs in.
  • mike moreno, for helping me weed out a ton of technical gremlins.
  • stillawake, for helping me get the mac port of the plugin working.
  • johannes kreidler, for making the example patch that inspired this plugin.
  • blair, for helping with the marketing.
  • all of my wonderful beta testers, ESPECIALLY the ones that contributed themes for the plugin. you're all so amazing 💖

    have fun!
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spectralsand (vst)

50 ratings
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